Star and the City


Today, I became a star.  

This morning, I was a virtual nobody; free to roam the earth anonymously without having to wear wigs and ridiculous looking over-sized sunglasses.  But tonight, I am a virtual nobody whose star is rising.  That's right folks, my dreams are coming true: I have broken into the closed-circuit television industry at 55+ communities in southeastern Pennsylvania!  Today, a star was born.


So yeah, today I found myself in a for-real television studio, under the lights and feeling a bit like a deer in headlights.  It's such an unnatural environment, even though I was just "having a conversation" with someone about Medicare fraud.  Sexy!  At one point, the woman interviewing me said something like, "it's just like you're at home in your own living room".  Right, cause my living room has crazy bright lights and four television cameras pointed at me at all time, and I'm always mic'd at home.  Totally natural.  

While I don't remember much about the actual experience, I'm pretty sure it went well, all things considered.  I totally butchered my organization's mission, but it's all good cause they're gonna omit it.  I was like, "the mission of my organization is to, um, improve the... interests- no, the rights, um, and the autonomy, yeah, the autonomy, of old people- er, I mean older adults, and uh, like, advocate and stuff".  I'm exaggerating, but you get the point: it was not good. 

Other than that minor blunder, I *think* the rest went well, and that my star is on the rise.  The whole thing felt like binge drinking (not that I know what that feels like), because it felt really good during the process, but I can't remember a thing.  Fingers crossed. 

 After my stint in Delaware County Hollywood, I hopped in my Zipcar and had some time to kill before the car had to be returned, so I had a choice: return the car early and return to work, ya know, be responsible; or go for a joy ride in my Mini Cooper and celebrate my new-found fame.  You'll be happy to know that I made the right choice.  I did go back to work early, I just took the long way.  Damn Philadelphia traffic ;)  

I have to say, I do love driving in the city in the middle of the day.  Not because I love driving in the city in the middle of the day, but because my perspective is flipped; I am never the driver, I am always the pedestrian.  Being the driver is a fascinating experience.  As a ped (as I affectionately call us) I have a limited view; I see what's in my immediate environment.  But as a driver - WOW - I saw the whole scene; I saw the South Philly scene, the Schuylkill banks scene, the Graduate Hospital scene, the Rittenhouse scene, the Avenue of the Arts scene, the Jefferson scene, the Old City scene, the Pine Street Scene and most importantly, the human scene.  People are crazy beautiful in ways you'd never expect.  Who knew driving was such a voyeuristic activity?  AND, it was totally fascinating to see all this through my eyes, my new STAR eyes.  

What can I say?  Being a star changes everything.  Get your autographs now, friends.