Monday Man


This morning, on my way to work, the train stopped and I saw this little man peering at me.  I had to snap his picture.  

Today was rough; it was one of those busy and frustrating days where you absolutely must accomplish everything on your list but can't because everything that can go wrong invariably does.  It was a day that could have easily put me in a mood, but every now and again, I thought of my little Monday Man and felt a smile spread across my face.
Hope you had your own Monday Man, and if not, I'll share mine :) 

For the Loyalists...


I hear you.  You want more.  Your wish is my command.  

Given the events of the past few months, my heart has been heavy and I've often felt like I couldn't write about anything other than the loss of my dad.  This is good, and natural; I need to write about what happened.  Writing is how I process life.  But luckily, life encompasses much more than loss.  There are so many other incredibly gratifying and deliciously satisfying moments upon which to dwell.  I want to write about it all.

The loss thing is HUGE, obviously.  The story of my dad's death is really a story about our family's strength and love.  It's about grace, and humor, and miracles.  It's about the tension between holding on and letting go.  It's an epic tale, really, and ultimately it's not post-worthy, but book worthy.  

I've known this for awhile, but just recently got the urge (and granted myself permission) to begin the process.  It's going to be a long, emotionally draining yet cathartic experience, and I feel as ready as I ever will be to embark on this journey. 

So what does this all mean for my blog?  It means that I feel freed up, in a sense, to return to the original intent of this space; to share life in my shoes.  For a few months now, every time I sat down to write (here), it felt like a burdensome chore, like I had to recount everything that had been happening in order to give context to what was currently happening.  No more!  You know what happened: my dad died.  I'm writing a book about it.  I hope some day you'll read it.  Let's move on.  

Now that I have a dedicated space for the dad stuff, I'd like to dedicate this space to the day-to-day goodness, hilarity, irony and all around wonder of everyday livin'.  Life is a trip, and it makes one hell of a good story.  Especially when you're renovating a house!  More on that in future posts...   

Thank you Loyalists (you know who you are) for reading my blog in its various forms over the past six or so years.  Without your gentle nudges of encouragement, I would have stopped writing.  I hope you'll keep reading, and walking with me...