Joy Findings


Over the past week, I've been talking to friends and family about how they make meaning of their experiences and about what brings them joy.  Some interesting, although not surprising themes have emerged.  Have a looksie at my initial findings:

People make meaning and reflect on their experiences through writing, prayer (spiritual expression of some type), conversations with loved ones, and creating things with their hands.

People identified the following things when asked what their "joy-spot" was: Relationships (family, friends, romantic partners), travel, children, faith (religion, spirituality), creative expression (either producing or reveling in), the outdoors, and making a solid contribution to the world.  

I have to say, I tested the 'joy-spot" theories out over this past weekend, and I can confirm what the masses have told me.  Since Thursday, I have spent some incredible quality time with friends and family, I've traveled, I've expressed my faith and spirituality, I've engaged in creative endeavors, I've spent time in nature, and I'd like to think I've made a contribution by enhancing others' joy.  And it totally worked; this weekend was nothing but a non-stop marathon of joy.  Well, traveling on the New Jersey Turnpike was less than joyous, but at least I was with my BFFs, so they made up for the reoccurring traffic nightmares.

Unfortunately, the joy marathon has left me totally exhausted, so I need to sleep on it before I make meaning or turn in into something else.  But for now, I just wanted to share the results of my casual questioning.  Y'all are onto something here.  Carry on with your joyful selves.

Oh, one last thing: You know what else brings me joy?  SLEEP.  Nighty night friends.