i am seeking...


I have one (yes, one!) semester left, and have been fantasizing about what my life will look and feel like once I am all done, for real. In a sense, I don't even know myself anymore, as I have been trudging through school-life for six years now, and I'm pretty certain, and hopeful, that 27 year-old me is somewhat different than 33 year-old me. How will I react to "normal" life? Will I be bored? Will I slink into a slump? Will I find new interests and new friends? These are among the many curiosities floating around my mind.

The only clues I have as of now are the ways in which I spend my break time. This isn't at all an accurate gauge though, as it's the holidays and one brand of busyness has replaced another. Plus, the forefront of my mind is already filled with thoughts of Spring semester and how to pull it off, again.

I imagine in the immediate aftermath of school (in June), I'll be busy trying to find a job, and we may be busy trying to find a house, and maybe even busy with baby stuff, but once all of the initial dust settles, I wonder what life, and what I, will look like. I can't say for sure, duh, but I do have some ideas of what I'd like my life to look and feel like. In a nutshell, I am seeking:

- some form of lifelong learning
- a career that makes me feel good
- a creative outlet
- a commitment to put family first
- a church or communal spiritual home
- a book club!
- a commitment to nurture new friendships, and old ones, too.
- a healthy lifestyle

I have posted this because I want, and need you to hold me to these ideals. I know that right now, the people who read this are my dear friends, and I am hoping that when the summer or fall rolls around, you guys can help keep me accountable for the things that I am seeking. This is your invitation to gently nudge me and encourage me to be the me that I seek. Let me chill and process the end of school through the summer, but if the fall rolls around and I'm still in chill mode, PLEASE, nudge me and ask what I'm doing to fulfill the life that I seek.

This is your mission. I hope that you'll accept it.

Thank you!

December 5th - again.


December 5th is a significant date for Philadelphia and snow. Of the past eight years, it has snowed five of those years on December 5th. And I would bet money that most of those years, December 5th was the first snow-fall of the season. Here were are in 2009, having our first snowflakes fall on December 5th, blanketing the region in a beautiful, "stick to each branch" kind of snow. Amazing.

The first snow comes with a feeling that no other seasonal change can offer: it comes with a visual and a toy. Although the leaves of autumn are a gorgeous visual, they change colors gradually. We tend to notice the leaves changing colors all at once, but the reality is that they begin their process long before we take notice. Autumn comes upon us gradually, and that is why it feels so good! But the first snow, wow, there ain't nothing gradual about it. On Thursday, a mere 48 hours ago, it was delightfully warm out. So much so that I spent much of the day feeling hot. And then today, I peer out my window and see the most beautiful big snowflakes falling all around, and in that instant, winter arrived. Maybe not technically, but according to my internal gauge, winter is here, and it is time to rejoice in the wonder of snow!

The great thing about snow, specifically Philadelphia snow, is that we rarely get it (for real), and when we do, it is rarely debilitating snow, ya know, the kind of snow that makes you hate snow. So the result is that most of us love when it snows. It's like this magical time when anything is possible; a time to hunker down at home with loved ones and watch movies on the couch, and equally so, a time to go outside and play in the snow!

...and that's why I've gotta wrap it up for now; it's time to go out and play, before it melts!

Happy December 5th - Philadelphia's unofficial "First Snow" holiday!