words - the old fashioned way


As much as I love having the option to vlog it up, I will always go back to my one, true love: the written word. Each style has its own flair and personality, but for me, the written word is somehow more intimate and in the moment and is therefore my preferred method of blogging. But since writing is what I do by trade as a full time student, it's nice to have another way to be an active b/vlogger and stay connected.

So, now that my holiday bake-a-thon is over, I have a total sugar hangover and feel kinda yucky, both physically due to the sugar and mentally because I'm still procrastinating with my study efforts for tomorrow's exam. I'm just kinda hovering in this uncomfortable zone of uncertainty, while still denying the brevity of the situation.

After being in the kitchen all day, I craved some cold winter air in my lungs and decided to walk up to the liquor store to get some juice, ya know, as a study aide ;) So I bundled up and braced myself for the brisk, 3 block walk. As I opened the front door, I got hit with the most unusual sensation, kinda like taking a sip of soda that turns out to be milk. I was expecting to be met by a wave of cool, invigorating air, but was instead engulfed by an unusually balmy air mass. It felt like spring, and it smelled like sping, too. The air was pregnant with possibility, like the way it feels on that very first warm night when you can go without your winter jacket and you feel free, like the world is your oyster and anything can happen. Except it didn't feel that way at all. It was disorienting, especially as I walked (
completely bundled in winter wool) by row homes dressed in holiday lights and cheer.

Winter, especially "holiday winter" has its own sense of possibility, that, to me, goes hand-in-hand with cold weather, snow, icicles, the North Pole, etc. So tonight as I walked through the balmy air, I didnt know how to feel. It was like I couldn't embrace the holidays AND the balm; I had to choose one, and since I'm definitely in the holiday spirit, I pretended like it was chilly and kept my wool on, despite the sweat.

Happy holidays!

sweet denial